• Zhejiang HuaJu GreenWorks Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise that integrates scientific research, production and sales. It mainly produces and sells biodegradable  products which are completely biodegradable and compostable; such as: Deliware, Cutlery ,Tableware and their relative products, and the Raw Material Granules. 

    The resources of the raw materials of biodegradable products are multiple: mainly corn and tapioca starch; we also have the cPLA ( crystal Poly Lantic Acid) material and cutlery, they are natural and can be completely biodegraded in a short time. The biodegradable raw materials and products match the development direction of the society, and are the best substitutes for the traditional oil base plastic products, thence the most promising project for investment in the industrial economy.

    GreenWorks already had the certifications as FDA, the ASTM D6400 in USA and EN 13432 in EU, and CE report from TUV. Today our products are the high quality in the market and exported to US,Canada,Denmark,UK France, Italy and Japan, Chile etc.  

    We are leading the industry into a new era of petroleum free bioplastics that repurpose agricultural by-products and eliminate both the use of food crops and the use of petroleum in plastics. This can greatly reduce the food service and retail packaging industries' reliance on materials that contribute to global warming, and help create new jobs and new opportunities for sustainable business practices at the same time.



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